Volume opens up a new and Corona-secured venue. Due to the many challenges posed by the Covid-19 virus, seated and smaller, standing events are held in accordance with authority restrictions to meet space and health requirements for indoor events. At all events, we pay specific attention to ensuring plenty of room for everyone at arrival as well as during and after events at Volume.

It is possible to host events of up to 350 seated guests at the 700 square meters venue. Likewise, events may be held with up to 100 standing guests. At Volume, bar and toilet facilities are frequently sanitised during events, and hand sanitizer is visibly available around in the hall. Volume kindly ask everyone to be considerate by practicing social distancing and pay attention to hygiene.

Likewise, we also encourage all guests to arrive ahead of time for the events to avoid queues, as well as be aware that seated events are indeed seated: At arrival, staff will assign spaced out seats to guests to minimise infection risk. Contiguous seats are available to groups of guests, who already have close contact with each other. Volume kindly ask all guests to remember their assigned seat and retain it for the duration of the event.

All events are held according to authority instructions, and we pay specific attention to ensure that all venue tenants and guests understand and comply with those instructions. We expect all our guests to familiarise themselves with Volume’s new Covid-19 initiatives to ensure the best and safest experience for everyone.